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Project Detail:

Project Name: Dhahran, Saudi Arabia

Location: Dhahran, Saudi Arabia

Client: Rofana Real State

Main Contractor: Nesma & Partners Contracting Co.

Scope of Work:  Excavation, Infrastructures fire fitting, bumping, electrical and mechanical HVAC, tiles, gypsum and security systems such as (CCTV, FADS, PADS, ITEC, SACS, TVRO and telephone systems.... etc.)

Project Description:

Transforming Dhahran: RAFA Masters Multifaceted Development

In the heart of Dhahran, RAFA partnered with Nesma & Partners Contracting Co. to breathe life into a dynamic new development for Rofana Real Estate. This extensive project encompassed a vast array of tasks, showcasing RAFA's versatility and expertise in various construction disciplines.